Do You Trust Your Memory?

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Memory plays a big role in Stephen Dau's The Book of Jonas. Can we deny our memories? What happens when all we have left of someone are the memories? And most of all, can we trust our memories?

"Maybe it didn't really happen. His inability to remember large parts of the experience makes him question all of it: the carefully wrapped parcel, the riveted beams on the platform, the clean-shaven man who should have worn a beard. Maybe it is all something he heard about or read much later, his imagination filling in the details and making it his own, something he saw one time, something from a film." Page 10

Sometimes, because I am a blogger and I obviously love books, people assume I am writing a book or at least plan to some day. I'm not. There are days when I wonder if I even could. Sure, I have ideas but sometimes I question if they are really my ideas or if they are ideas that come from book I read long ago and have otherwise forgotten. The same thing happens with my memories.

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Memories are funny things. Two people can have be at the same place, at the same time and have very different memories of it. I may remember an event someone else doesn't remember at all. Is my memory right? Memories can be clear as day, or dusty as if seen through a filter. I sometimes find myself wondering if I've just filled in the fuzzy bits with stuff I've gathered from books and movies, just like Jonas did.

Do you trust your memory?

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