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Stephen Dau's The Book of Jonas is about a story that needed to be told. Jonas hid from his story because, I believe, he didn't want to remember it. Rose sought his story because she felt that it was really important to her. Neither of them could move forward until the story was told.

Rose has heard stories like this before. Not this story, of course. This story is different. Each story is different. But all of them share a need to be told, to be heard, and Rose knows how to hear them. She knows that these gaps are important, that they mean something. She know that often the gaps are nearly as important as the story itself. Page 103

When Jonas begins to tell his story, he does so carefully. He pauses to think what he wants to say and what he does not. He hopes that Rose will not only believe his story but believe that it is the whole story. Rose knows that she is not getting the whole story yet hopes that she is getting most of it. She recognizes that the story that is not only in the words that are used, but in the ones that are not.

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I think that as bloggers and writers, we all feel we have stories that need to be told. We may all be writing about our families or our lives but while our stories may be similar, none of them are the same. We each craft stories using our own word choices to display the parts of it that we want to shine. Two people can experience the same thing and write about it different ways as they each infuse it with their past and the own personal flare. Each story really is different.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? How would you tell it differently than someone else would tell it?

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