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Frank Mackey has his hands full or murder, mystery, and a dysfunctional family to deal with inTana French's third novel Faithful Place. Frank, an Irish undercover cop is forced to return to his rough, working-class neighborhood to uncover who killed his first love.

After leaving Faithful Place over 20 years ago Frank has found himself back there again immersed in his dysfunctional family, the gossip, and rumors that are so prevalent in his old neighborhood. But Frank knows that he isn’t there to stay and once the case is solved he has no intention of returning ever again. That is if is mother doesn’t have something to say about it first.

I found the book pretty slow starting, but with just enough detail to keep me interested. It wasn’t until I got about half way through that it really started to pick up and grab my interest.

As I read the book I felt like I was easily able to picture all the scenes in my head, how the characters felt, and more importantly how it made me feel.

Many times I felt myself disliking Frank a great deal for the way he treated his family and old friends, but then there were times that I felt sorry for him as he remembered a happier time in his life when he and Rosie were planning their escape to England.

It took me sometime to figure out who the killer was as I went back and forth between a few different people since they all seemed to have their own motive for wanting to do it.

There was a scene in the book that sticks out in my mind. Frank was in the garden waiting for everyone in the Daly home to fall asleep so he could talk to Nora. The descriptions of the garden, him going back in time to a night with Rosie, he and Nora talking about how they miss Rosie, Frank teaching Nora to smoke all seemed so easy to envision and so real.

Faithful Place is the third book in a series written by Tana French but it does stand alone on its own. Having not read the previous two I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. I’d recommend reading Faithful Placeif you are a murder mystery person.

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