Faithful Place Is an Intriguing Irish Mystery

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If you enjoy mysteries, you'll love Faithful Place! My first exposure to the author Tana French was her 2nd book, The Likeness, where a Dublin Murder Squad detective goes undercover to take the place of a victim (who looks just like her) is murdered. Faithful Place, also deals with murder and the Dublin Murder Squad as well.

Frank Mackey, the main character, is an Undercover Squad agent who ends up having to go home and face his demons when a murder from 22 years ago comes to light. Throughout the story, we uncover the clues as Frank does. We go back to see his family with him, we feel his conflicting emotions and uncomfortable feelings.

Tana French does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life, and the setting is often an additional character, rich with details, vibrancy and emotions.

In an interview with Sophie Hannah on Amazon, I read this comment from Tana French:

"The one huge ethical issue, for me, is making sure that I give murder and murder victims the weight they deserve. I don't ever want to write something where the victim is simply a prop that's necessary in order for the story to get under way. Murder, taking another human being's life, is so earth-shatteringly huge: it doesn't just take one life, it affects everyone who comes into contact with it -- families, friends, detectives working on the case, people who knew the killer... I feel like using something so immense as a throwaway plot point would be unethical and cheap. I've got a responsibility to show that immensity, as far as possible."

I have to admire an author who takes murder so seriously.


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