Faithful Place is a Page Turner!

BlogHer Review

Faithful Place by Tana French tells the story of a 20 year old mystery of a missing girl Rosie who was thought to have run away, leaving her lover Frank standing roadside waiting all night for her. Faithful Place is also the name of the street in Ireland where Frank and Rosie grew up. The story is composed of characters that keep their cards close to their chest and the tale of the missing girl is never shared with the police until her body is found years later in an abandoned home on Faithful Place.

Faithful Place gripped me from page one as Frank, an undercover detective and “jilted” lover of Rosie is alerted by his family that her suitcase has been found. After 22 years he returns to Faithful Place and his dysfunctional family, an abusive and alcoholic father, a mother who is “comfortable” in her environment and 3 siblings, only one of whom he has kept in contact with since leaving the evening after Rosie did not show up to run away with him.

This novel is full of emotion, young love, family discord, and revelations. When Frank returned as the “prodigal” son, very few things had changed on Faithful Place. He was one of the few that actually was able to leave the low-income neighborhood and as a police officer he was barely trusted. The novel played on my heart strings as flashbacks to young love and unrequited dreams blossomed. I was sadden by the complete and utter dysfunction in Frank’s family and impressed at the relationship that he established with his own daughter despite the failure of his marriage.

Faithful Place is literally a page turner. I am quite sure I only put it down to eat and take a shower. Although this is the first book that I’ve read by Tana French, it will not be the last. Her writing style, character portrayal and ability to draw me in have made me her newest fan. I look forward to reading her previous two books in the near future. I say run, do not walk, to the nearest book store to get your copy of this book!