Faithful Place: A Heart Pelting Mystery (Spoilers)

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let's be honest, who doesn't love a good love story with a little mystery thrown in?  sign me up.

but as i delved deeper into faithful place by tana french, i was glad i was reading this book and not a character in this novel.  i was also thinking, "wow my family is AWESOME! and so NORMAL!"

from da to ma to brothers and sisters, frank has one jacked up family who is absolutely no help in solving the mystery of why rosie never showed up in 1985 to run away with him.  he was convinced she was murdered, i was convinced she was still alive and going to show up in the end and they were going to live happily ever after.  because apparently, cinderella is the only movie i have ever watched and that is how it turned out.

not so much.

rosie was, in fact, murdered, hence the reason why even though they agreed to meet and were in love, she never showed up on the night they were meant to run away.

after one of frank's brothers ends up dead, and then finds out that his daughter who he desired had no contact with dysfunctional family had BEEN having contact with his family and is rather fond of the whole slew of them -- his world is not only more turned upside down by the events to come, but what i see is frank turning into a better man.

a man that he desired to be all along, but with the rearing of his alcoholic father and abused mom, he chose to abandon his family, only to kind of abandon the family he had made.  

if you think your family is dysfunctional, i think you should read this book, because suddenly you will feel like you haven't missed a beat and will be thankful for the family, even if the are impossible at times, that you do have.

tana french's novel kept me turning the page and often abandoning text and phone calls, even one time missing my mouth when i took a drink of water because i could not possibly tear my eyes from the mysterious disappearance of our beloved rosie, whom i was cheering for the entire way through.

read this book, it will keep you entertained for hours.  and whatever you do pay attention and don't spill your water when you are reading like yours truly.

a gripping, heart pelting mystery at it's best. will leave you wanting more. 

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