Every Family Has Secrets

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While reading the explosive novel, Faithful Place, by Tana French, I was struck with a very deep and profound thought: Every family has secrets. Every family has issues. I thought my family had their fair share of pink elephants in the room, but Faithful Place, has made my family look very, very normal.

The book follows Frank Mackey and his journey of leaving his very dysfunctional family to find his way in the world. He thinks his girlfriend, Rosie Daly has left him high and dry because of his insane family and their antics, but 22 years after running away, he finds out Rosie has been murdered. Following Frank on the journey to justice for Rosie is interesting, gripping and well, dysfunctional.

While knowing the truth can set you free, sometimes the journey to freedom comes with a price. The price is hard for Frank. And hard for his family, present and past. I enjoyed the journey through the rough and tumble world of backstreet Ireland. Both places shared a sense of mystique and a sense of urgency in the fact that to live there, you must learn to survive.

I enjoyed watching a cop break some rules to find out the truth about a family he had declared long gone and his never-ending love for a girl he had lost. But I would have liked to have some of the bleeping language to go away, if you get my bleeping point.

Some family ties are made stronger by this journey, but some are broken without any chance of repair.  Reading this book helped me to realize that family ties can truly make or break you.

And now, I’m gonna go call my sister. I think it’s been too long since our last chat.

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