Finding your 2am Friends: What Happened to Goodbye

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Mclean Sweet, Sarah Dessen's protagonist in What Happened to Goodbye, has got moving down to a science. After her parents divorce, she and her father hop from town to town for his job and she quickly learns how to reinvent herself in each area, knowing just how and when to slow and cut ties, and then slip quietly out the back door.

This book came at a serendipitous time for me, as I’m currently knee-deep in the process of packing up our house, our lives, to move to another state. Though it’s a move back home it hasn’t been an easy one at all for us, and I found myself almost wishing I could cut and run like Mclean does. Anything to avoid the goodbyes.

The book was good, as young adult novels go, but I have to say I found myself wanting more background and less teenage metaphors. There were several pieces of the puzzle in Mclean’s friend’s worlds that were never explained, and while you could tell that Mclean and Dave liked each other, there wasn’t much to their relationship it seemed. Not a whole lot of passion, not a lot of deep talks or anything to make you feel like they should be together.

What I did enjoy however, definitely due to my personal timing with reading the book, was the insights on finding a home. Not just the brick and mortar, but Home. A place you feel you belong, somewhere you feel comfortable, and with people you know care for you not matter what. Your 2 am friends, as they say. Regardless of backgrounds and home life and mistakes, everyone deserves that. Which is why I’ll pass this on to my younger sister.


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