Gee Thanks, Sarah Dessen, Now I'm Craving Fried Pickles!

BlogHer Review
After reading What Happened to Goodbye, I'm an even bigger fan of Sarah Dessen than ever before. This book rocked.

Not only will teens like What Happened to Goodbye, but this is the kind of YA fiction an adult who has never read YA fiction should read. It doesn't have vampires or zombies or anorexia or suicide -- all of the things some people find unacceptable about YA fiction. What it does have is great characters who find themselves faced with real life problems, the kind of problems that aren't just experienced by kids.

Mclean lives in a small college town with her parents, who own a restaurant. She and her dad her huge fans of the local college basketball team and she was named for their legendary coach. A cruel twist and BAM -- she's no longer a fan of that basketball team, her parents go through a scandalous divorce and her mom starts a brand new life, (complete with new husband and twin babies.)

Mclean decides to live with her dad, who has joined a restaurant management firm, which she moves means from city to city to city as he comes in to fix (or shut down) troubled restaurants. The moving wasn't so bad because it meant she didn't have to face the scandal caused by her parents' divorce and she could become someone new with every move.

I think we're all pretty familiar with this idea, adults do it all of the time after a divorce, but how often do we stop to think about kids who do this after a divorce or even when they move from middle school to high school?

Read What Happened to Goodbye with your teens, if you have them, it will give you a lot to talk about. Read it even if you don't have kids but be careful, you might also end up craving fried pickles, I know I did.