Getting to Happy: One of the Most Enjoyable Books I've Read This Year

BlogHer Review

Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin are back, 15 years after Waiting to Exhale. We are reminded that life's joys, triumphs, pains, and our journey of self discovery continues, no matter how old we are. Terry McMillan reminds us, sometimes uncomfortably, that life doesn't end at 35, and her 50ish characters are sharing the same experiences that we're living at that age. Divorce, death, and dealing with the "empty nest"... finding new love and themselves at an age when they had thought that everything would be settled, McMillan's characters find that living is a process rather than a destination, and that even at 50, life can change unexpectedly.

McMillan both celebrates race and transcends race with this story, so that while it has a great deal of appeal to those looking for contemporary African-American stories, it appeals to and can be related to by any woman who's ever had a less-than-perfect life (I would say ALL of us). While some reviewers have expressed disappointment that the women have not achieved some state of bliss following the first book, I find the realism of Gloria's loss, Bernadine' s addiction, and Robin's changing relationship with her daughter much more interesting than some unbelievable and pie-in-the-sky portrayal of life.

Getting to Happy is among the most enjoyable reads I've had this year. I look forward to the movie, which I hear is in production with the original cast of Waiting to Exhale.