Getting to Happy is a Journey Made Easier When Taken with a Good Group of Girlfriends

BlogHer Review

Terry McMillan seems to process her real life events through writing, much like many of us bloggers. She goes through a nasty divorce; her characters go through a nasty divorce. She feels the sting of betrayal, and her characters follow suit. I think this is what makes her books so relatable to our own lives. Getting to Happy is no exception. I mean come on, how many of us “accidentally” walk into or log onto a Good Vibrations Hardware store?

What I enjoyed about Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan was the central theme of friendship. This core group of women, all with different things going on in their lives, some with kids, some without, some married, some not, some work outside the home, some don’t, and yet they come together to support and encourage one another. It’s this support that enables the characters to better cope with life’s ups and downs and transitions from one stage of life to another.

The Getting to Happy cast of characters are not unlike us bloggers who blog seeking connections, friendships, and support. We are all looking for people who get it, who have our back, who makes us feel less alone in this big bad scary world. This is what Gloria, Savannah, Robin and Bernadine do for one another in Getting to Happy. They help one another through heartache, addiction, death, betrayal, corporate downsizing, even through thick and thin. With friends by their side, they are able to feel hopeful again and dare I say happy.

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