Getting To Happy Reminds Us of the Power of Friendship

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The book, Getting to Happy, the sequel to Waiting to Exhale, by Terry McMillan is a story of true friendship, family, love, forgiveness and redemption. The book chronicles the lives of four women, all around the age of 50, who have all reached a critical juncture in their lives. We share in their journeys as they experience hardships and challenges, but their friendship remains strong, providing the strength they need to persevere.

Getting to Happy was definitely written with the middle-aged woman in mind. McMillan doesn’t shy away from tough issues like infidelity, prescription drug use, death, homosexuality, divorce and depression. She portrays these in a realistic light which I am sure will resonate with many women.

Overall the story was good and for those who like books that tie up everything neatly at the end, they won’t be disappointed. The challenge in reading this book was the shifts in point of view. At times it was hard to follow and there were a lot of minor characters to keep track of.

On the plus side, McMillan is a talented writer and I admire how she plays with language.

“His smile reduced me to mashed potatoes.”

“What I do know is that I am tired of feeling navy blue when I have a right to feel lemon yellow.”

“The dance floor becomes a menagerie of jerky as well as smooth swirling hips.”

In this end, the book shows us that regardless of where we are in our life, there is always an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and we should all work on Getting To Happy.

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