Getting To Happy: A True Testament To "Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends"

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As a woman who is in her forties, I can certainly attest to the ever increasing importance of having my oldest and dearest girlfriends by my side when I really need them. That’s why I certainly related to Terry McMillan's book, Getting to Happy. In McMillan’s book, we are reintroduced to Savannah, Bernadine, Gloria, and Robin---the unforgettable characters, and inseparable friends, who we thoroughly enjoyed meeting in Waiting to Exhale, the prequel to Getting to Happy.

In Getting to Happy, these four women display the fundamental characteristics of true friendship as they stand by each other and support each other through unexpectedly trying circumstances such as divorce, betrayal, sudden death, and addiction. In addition to offering each other emotional support, I especially related to how they were able to keep things real with each other by sometimes “calling each other out” during trying situations.

We all know that sometimes, even though it hurts, the truth will set you free… and even though we might not accept the truth (or even begin to listen to it) as told to us by certain people in our lives, our closest girlfriends can usually get through to us because we trust implicitly, with our hearts and souls, that they want the best for us. This true friendship is what Getting to Happy is all about.

While the plot and dialogue of the book aren’t fast paced or action packed, I liked that the character’s stories unfolded slowly, with sudden unexpected twists and turns. Because, realistically, isn’t that how normal everyday life really unfolds?

I thoroughly enjoyed Terry McMillan’s book, Getting to Happy. To me, it’s a true testament to the popular saying, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

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