Like a Glass of Fine Wine, I Savored Faithful Place

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From the moment I started reading, I was there, standing in the middle of the street of Faithful Place, watching this story unfold. And I was hooked. Like a play-by-play synopsis from an episode of Criminal Minds, this story of murder and love and family drew me in, took me through the seasons of each new chapter and left me literally sitting on the edge of my seat. Each chapter filled with the eerie details, bits of humor and sarcasm sweetly tucked between pages.

Like a glass of fine wine, I savored this one.

Francis Mackey and Rosie Daly were young. In love. Wild stupid love. The kind you run away together for. And they planned just that. But on that fateful night, something went eerily wrong. And for more than twenty years, Francis Mackey went on with his life, thinking the woman he had loved had left without him. 

Now an undercover guard in Ireland, Francis Mackey has had a long road since that night. Married and divorced with a nine-year old daughter, he has since lived his life wondering and waiting for Rosie to pop back into his life. And that, she did.

For more than twenty years that secret from that fateful night was buried in the basement of Number 16 on Faithful Place. Waiting for someone to come along to discover the truth. The truth that someone didn’t want out.

Until the suitcase is discovered. Holding the secret to the past that he had tried so hard to move on from. 

Now, as the story unfolds before him, Francis’ entire life as he thought he knew it comes unraveling at the seams. And the family he thought he hated, the outcome he expected, was nothing he could have foreseen. 

Tana French writes the story and puts you right there in the middle of it all. You’re standing in the bar with the rain hitting the window. Standing in the middle of the crime scene. You can smell the cigarette smoke on the back steps in the garden. Feel the crisp air on your neck.

Tana French will take you down a journey through unfortunate fate, twists, and turns that you won’t be ready for, but you are guaranteed to love. And if you haven’t read her many other books, you’ll be sure to put them on your reading list once you fall in love with Faithful Place.

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