A Good Hard Look: The Little Things Do Matter

BlogHer Review

A Good Hard Look was the first book I’ve read by this author, Ann Napolitano. As I was reading the book, I had mixed feelings about it, but it held my attention and I looked forward to finding a few minutes each day when I could read.

Milledgeville, Georgia, the town where the story unfolds, is probably very similar to many small towns in the southern U.S. The main characters in the book all suffer tremendous loss in one afternoon, all triggered by one event. There was a policeman, Bill, consumed by his work and trying to move up the ladder, forgetting the importance of spending time with his wife and daughter. The policeman’s wife is Lona, who found love in the wrong place. Cookie is a socialite who appears to have it all but yet loses what matters most to her. Melvin moved from New York City to Milledgeville to please his fiancé, Cookie, and live the social life she always knew she would have, though the life he thought they would have there didn’t work out. Flannery was the popular author, an eccentric who returned to Milledgeville after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness. The town folk were sure Flannery’s stories were written about them, each sure of their own character depicted in the book. There were others -- all the characters in the book, though living separate lives, were brought together by the tragedy and their lives were forever changed.

The book reminded me how one seemingly innocent, seemingly small deviation from what we know is right, can lead to unlimited heartbreak and broken lives, and the price we all pay for our indiscretions.

A Good Hard Look was definitely a book I would recommend.