A Good Hard Look Made Me Want to Look Away

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I feel like I'm not really sure where to start my review of A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano. I feel a little bad being honest, but I guess that I don't ever want to be anything other than honest.

I didn't like the book. At all actually. I felt that Ann didn't really get into the characters. We didn't know anything about their pasts, their dreams, etc. How can you relate to a character if you never really get to know them? I could see how maybe we were meant to stay a little distance away because not all authors are the same, but I felt zero bonding.

Cookie, and everyone else bored me. Even with the strange affair between Lona and Joe and the weird relationship with Flannery and Melvin I just was bored. Was Bill that awful that Lona had to look elsewhere? Who knows because it isn't talked about. Why was Gigi just belonging to someone else? I'm sorry, but she was a bit old to be babysat everyday. I never understand the Cookie and Flannery thing. In fact I didn't get Flannery at all.

Everyone seemed to be playing someone else in this book. Everyone seemed like they weren't hopeful. I think you always need someone with some sense. I feel awful that I didn't like the book because I know it came from someone's heart and mind, but the facts remain the same, A Good Hard Look was too weird and awkward for me.

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