Goodbyes Are Never Easy

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Sarah Dessen is a great author that keeps you turning the page to what happens next. She draws you into the book and has you questioning what will happen next. The plot has you wanting to turn the page and not put down the book. Mclean, along with her friends Dave and Deb grow on you and become a friend of yours the longer you read What Happened to Goodbye.

In What Happened to Goodbye, the goodbyes are never easy to do. Mclean is your average teenage girl trying to live her life. A life that is always moving. She creates for herself, a new "her" with each move she makes. She hits the most recent town and her world is rock new. Life is never easy for a teen, add in a new city, new friends, new school every 6 months and it’s even tougher for them.

Yet when things don’t seem like they are settling down, they do. Roots began to grow when Mclean is not looking. Friendships are formed. And pretty soon things are starting to look normal and then another move is about to hit. Mclean has spent the better part of two years running from herself to see it catch back up and slam into her. No matter how far you run from a problem, it will find you when you least expect it.

I picked up the book to read with me on a plane ride to my vacation. Five hours later, I am several states away and a book is finished. It made the flight go by very nicely, and I was able to lose myself in the book. If you like to read about a life in a teens world in today's times, this is for sure a book to pick up and read.

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