Have You Been on a Picnic?

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In Seré Prince Halverson's The Underside of Joy, Ella found herself faced with many decisions after Joe's death. Most, especially those involving the children, were difficult to make. Perhaps the one I enjoyed the most was what she decided to do with the failing family business.

Ella had been uninvolved with the business while Joe was alive. It was just one of those things she preferred not to know too much about because she knew too much she might have to do something about it. After his death it became quickly apparent that something had to be done with the family store. Fast. Ella decided to take advantage of the local tourism industry and pay tribute to Joe's memory by turning it into a picnic store.

picnic basket

Credit: Alex Lang on Flickr

I loved it. Would I go to a picnic store if there was one in my town? Most likely not. I sometimes hit up local grocery store while on vacation for the makings of an indoor picnic when I can't face yet another meal in restaurant so I could see myself taking advantage of one on vacation. Life's A Picnic made me want to go on a picnic immediately. Unfortunately I've still got snow on the ground here and while I'm sure many people can rock a winter picnic I like to be able to feel my fingers while I'm eating.

I've always loved picnic scenes in books. Anne Shirley's picnic scenes in the woods were some of my favourites, as was the scene in Jane Austen's classic Emma where Mr. Knightley is so disappointed in Emma's behavior toward Mrs. Bates. I feel as though I've never been on a proper picnic. Yes, I've packed sandwiches for the beach and had snacks in the park but I've never really done the whole shebang with a blanket and a food hamper. I really want to do it and I'm going to do it this summer.

Have you ever been on a picnic? What's your favorite picnic dish?

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