How Do You Move On When You Feel Stuck?

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In Jeremy Page's Sea Change Guy is stuck. He knows that he ought to move on with his life following accident that killed his daughter. He knows that life should continue. He writes of another life every day in his journal, a life in which they are all together -- if not happy. At times the Guy in the journal is far more insightful than the real Guy.

"When it comes down to it, there's no sense, no plan, no shape to things. They just occur. They occur and then you carry on, because time carries on, you change, you adapt, you just have to." Pp. 164-165

It's telling to me that the Guy in the journal could articulate this and accept it but the Guy that actually lived and breathed could not. He chose to put the best parts of himself, the man he wanted to be more than he was, in the journal. But even then things did not work out well for Guy. The Guy that lived in only pen and ink didn't have a perfect life. His daughter was alive, he and his Judy still together, but they were not necessarily happy. There were cracks in their relationships. Even in writing Guy could not completely move on.

boat stuck in mud

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When Guy's boat got stuck in the mud he was able to get it unstuck with a lot of determination, hard work and just a little bit of luck. It was sad when we got the end of the book to realize that while Guy could get his boat moving again, he couldn't do the same for his life.

Time does carry on. It changes. But Guy did not adapt, he ran away. He ran away so far and so long he lost himself.

How do you move on when you feel like you're stuck?

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