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The character of the mother in Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters was one of the most interesting characters to me. She is never given a name, she is just the mother. Yet more than anything it is her illness that pulls the girls back home and it is her words that help to, finally, push Rose out of the nest.

"Then go," our mother said, and weakly stroked Rose's hand. "Go and see what might be. Before it's too late."
Rose felt tears at the corner of her eyes, as she watched our mother drift into sleep, exhausted by the conversation. But when Rose moved to stand and leave the room, our mother's eyes opened again.
"I'm not sorry I didn't go," she said quietly. "But I wish I had. I could have been a different person."
This was a possibility that had never really occurred to Rose.
(Page 254)

The idea of my life having taken other paths is something I've considered. I reflected on it a bit in another recent BlogHer Book Club discussion for The Magic Room and the repercussions of unanticipated acts -- basically, how some decisions or events can have huge impacts on our lives.

All the decisions I've made have put me on the path to now. If I had gone to a different school, taken different jobs... I might not be where I am right now and that would mean not being the person I am either. Rose's problem was that she couldn't imagine another life or another Rose. Things just were what they were, she was who she was, and that wasn't going to change. And it wasn't just her -- she couldn't imagine Bean being anything but Bean and there was no way Cordy could be a parent because she's Cordy.

duality (wo)man

Credit: Jenny Williams

Once Rose opened herself up to the possibility that things could be different, that she could be different, it changed things. I don't think that would have ever happened for Rose had her mother not told how her own life could have been different. It was the fist time that Rose saw her mother as a real person. It was truly eye-opening for Rose.

Has anyone ever told you something that made you re-evaluate your view of how things are and who you are? When did you realize your parents were people and not just your parents?

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