I Had to Force Myself to Read The Kid

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Reading The Kid by Sapphire was no easy feat.

I lugged this book around with me for two weeks. It went to three Little League baseball games, sat on my desk daily at work, hung out in my car during my weekday commutes, and sat next to my bedside table every night.

And yet I could barely bring myself to read it.


I have a 9 year old son. And this story begins with a 9 yr old boy who has no father and his mother has just died. His life isn't pretty, and it's certainly not a life any parent would want for their child.

It broke my heart.

This book was so different from other books I've read, due to the stream-of-consciousness writing and the violent abuse of children. I had to force my eyes to read each word, one at a time, page by page.

As hard as it was to read, the author does an amazing job of transporting the reader into this "different world." I'd look up from the bleachers to see my son at bat and be shocked to see my normal world around me. Shocked and thankful.

Though the writing was confusing at times, hard to tell what was really happening, it swoops you into this moving current, violent and exhausting.

This is not a book I would have gone out and bought on my own, but reading it in a book club? A great experience, because now I can read other readers' thoughts and opinions.

So, yes, my initial reaction to this story was negative. But once it's over and done, and I can swim to shore and step back from the action... I can appreciate what the author has done.

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