The Idea of Being Lost Adds to the Mystery of Faithful Place

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It’s difficult to imagine someone going missing and nobody knowing it, as in the story of Faithful Place by Tana French. Wouldn’t you text them? Call her cell phone. Check her Facebook page. Watch for blog updates. Put out a Tweet. In today’s world, if someone said they were going to England, you would expect all of our communication technologies to allow you to follow their journey, and probably what they eat each day, what museums they see, and her favorite local hangouts.

When I began reading Faithful Place, I had to first remind myself that in the 1980s all of our (sometimes annoying) communication tools didn’t exist. It was actually possible to lose touch with someone then. Of course, people go missing in tragic circumstances today, but the idea that someone could be missing and no one know it because they wouldn’t expect to receive communication from them is a different notion.

After my brain was able to set itself in a world without blogging and Twitter, I found Faithful Place a great page-turner. I thought I had the mystery figured out several times, but in the end, I was wrong. The book is a very fast read, and if you’re taking it on a trip, be ready to need something else for the flight home because you’ll already be finished with this. I haven’t read the other two books in this series, but I plan to now. French’s writing was fluid and easy to follow. I immediately felt immersed in the action and thoughts of the lead character. I would have liked the book to delve a bit more into why this missing girl’s family didn’t realize she was missing, but again, this is coming from my technology-focused, daily-blogging mind. And, the fact that I would have hell to pay from my mom if I traveled and did not at least send a postcard!


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