Be Ready To Be Shocked

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I picked up Sapphire's The Kid to read, thinking it would be a quick read because the book is not that thick. I have not read any book by her before so I really had no idea what I was in store for. Boy, with in the first few pages I was pretty shocked. I was not ready to read a book about a boy, who just lost his mother, ends up being lost in the system and have horrible, unspeakable actions happen to him.

However much I do know that kind of stuff does happen, it still breaks my heart. To read about it in a book, it really makes you think. The Kid is written in the view point of Abdul, a young 9 year old boy, very smart yet uneducated boy. Reading it is somewhat hard, due to the grammar, wording, and general language. And there are points where you wonder if Abdul is dreaming, if its really happening or what is going on. When the book comes to an end... you would expect it to end. Finish story and let you go with some questions but you know where Abdul ends up at. Sorry in this one, it will not be happening.

I will say it is pretty hard to write a review on this book. It's a hard read, I would NOT say just anyone should be picking this book up. Parents, read it before you allow your child to read it. And parents, be ready to be shocked on all levels. This book leaves you with way more questions than answers. I wonder where the point of this book is, unless its just to shock everyone.

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