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In Lisa Gardner's new thriller, Touch and Go, the characters really knew better than to do many of things they did. The kidnappers knew that kidnapping a whole family was wrong. Libby knew taking drugs to numb the pain wasn't a good thing. Knowing something is right isn't always enough.

"And sometimes, knowing something isn't right still doesn't change anything. You are who you are. You need what you need. You do what you do." Page 156

Libby was talking about how pills became her anchor in the above passage, but I feel like it was a message for all of the characters in the book. Justin cheated even though he said he never wanted be like his father. Radar, though the nicest and most compassionate of the kidnappers, reportedly would take out his own loved one in a flash if that was what he had to do. Tessa couldn't change what had happened to her family. She changed her life but she was still who she was and she could not change what she had done.

That's not say they are justifiable reasons for the things the characters did. Radar was still a kidnapper. Libby still abused drugs. Justin was still a cheating, lying jerk. Tessa... well to be honest, I haven't completely decided on Tessa yet. I need to read the book with her backstory -- Love You More -- before I come to firm conclusion about her circumstances.

Yet I also think that on a much smaller scale there's an element of truth to Libby's statement. While I have changed and will continue to change, on a certain level I simply am who I am. There are times I will do things or need things. I'm not talking big things or necessarily bad things and certainly nothing on the level of what the characters did in Touch and Go. I do small things all the time even though I know I shouldn't. I frequently know I should just put down a book and go to sleep but will I? No. I'll stay up after midnight to finish it -- especially a thriller like this book -- and be tired the next day. As I said, it's a much different scale of knowing better but it's not something I see changing any time soon.

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Do you do things even though you know it's not the right decision?

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