A Letter to Mclean

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A letter to Mclean, the main character and narrator of Sarah Dessen'sWhat Happened to Goodbye:

Mclean -

I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You.” I wanted to say “Thank You” for a whole bunch of reasons, truly.

Thank you for being relatable. But more so, thank you for doing so in a way that wouldn’t be classified as obnoxious or obvious. I saw a lot of myself in you, even though we are more than a decade apart in age.

I saw a lot of my younger self in you, too, and I wanted to whisper in your ear to help you along. Even though sometimes I found myself shaking my head at your actions or bouts of ignorance, I still only wanted the very best for you. Thank you for being someone I could for root, and hope for, and know that the best was coming just around the corner for, as well.

Thank you for doing such a great job of displaying the diversity in your relationships. I appreciate the way you discussed the various relationships you’ve had with your parents, both before, during, and after their divorce. You highlighted the good, but refused to neglect the bad memories, too. This helped me to remember that all parts of my own personal story are important parts of my history, and therefore, my present as well.

I am so grateful that you gave me a glimpse of normal, teenager relationship. A dose of drama, but nothing earth shattering, just true, raw, honest emotion. The way in which you and your friends communicated, with and without words, stirred my own memories in my soul a bit. I found myself pausing after certain scenes and looking back fondly on my own senior year of high school and the people who I felt closest to at the time. Thank you for aiding me in these memory day dreams.

Also, thanks for not being completely predictable, yet still giving me the feeling of safety I so often crave in a light, summery read. Your story was the perfect book to keep in my bag and read on park benches in the sunlight. I am grateful.




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