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My favourite parts of Kate and David Marshall's new book, My Life Map: A Journal to Help Shape Your Future were the subject maps. I loved the subjects they chose to focus on and I really, really loved that one of the subjects they consider a key to happiness was learning. I am going to let my nerd flag fly and say I truly love learning new things.

Part of what I loved about the questions on learning in My Life Map is they contained a very broad definition of learning. The Marshalls included casual courses, travel, reading books and online research among their definitions. Then they went one step further and emphasized that the skills you learn aren't always things like first aid, but that you could also learn other softer skills like gratitude.

I've often said that should we ever win a big pile of money I'd become a professional student. The world is just full of things to learn! The truth is, I don't need to go to school to continue to learn. I do it every day. With every book I read I learn something, whether it is the self-awareness that a book like My Life Map provides or learning something about another person's experience though the story being told in a novel.

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I continue to seek out new learning opportunities. One of these days I am going to really and truly learn what all those manual settings do on my camera. I toss the idea of taking an art class around in my brain though I'm not sure I quite have the confidence to sign up for one yet. I continue to search for the French class that is the right fit for me, something that is tricky to find due to my decent reading skills, poor writing skills and horrid conversational ones. I keep track of local cooking classes, simply because I think it would be fun to take one. I live in a city full of museums and I keep a close eye on the new exhibits that come to town. Goodness knows I have a whole lot of home improvement skills to learn if we want to do half the stuff we've considered doing around the house. I continue the attempt to learn patience, something that's always been a problem for me and one skill that never improves as fast as I would like. (See what I mean? I really do need to work on it!)

And all of you -- all the bloggers in our BlogHer community -- have taught me so much and continue to teach me with every post you publish. For that, I am truly thankful.

What would you like to learn?

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