Living on Faithful Place can be Murder

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In Tana French's novel Faithful Place the reader is immediately immersed into the lives of the Mackey family, where drunkenness, abuse, and the cliched life struggles of a poor Irish family.

Frank Mackey, an undercover detective, finds himself suddenly back on Faithful Place, the street he grew up on and struggled so desperately to escape, after a suitcase is discovered. The suitcase he thought had long ago left Faithful Place with his love Rosie Daly, when she abandoned him on the eve of their great escape. Now more than twenty years later Frank Mackey is back to find out the truth about Rosie and what secrets Number 16 Faithful Place hold.

The story that unfolds from here is full of sorrow, misunderstanding, intrigue, and brutal family secrets. With each page you fall deeper into the mystery surrounding what happened to Rose Daly, and who in the Mackey family knows the truth. Secrets, and keeping those secrets, are a way of life on Faithful Place, digging the truth out of the residents proves to be the most challenging aspect of the investigation. Frank uses his ties to the old neighborhood to probe, prod, and stir up memories both painful and bittersweet.

I found it nearly impossible to put this book down, almost from the first page. The novel reads like a movie and the imagery played vividly in my mind with French's rich words. I have never read any of Tana French's other novels, In the Woods or The Likeness, but after reading Faithful Place I can't wait to read them.

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