Lost and Found: The Beach Trees

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“Death and Loss, they plague you. So do memories. Like theMississippi’s incessant slap against the levees, they creep up with deceptive sweetness before grabbing your heart and pulling it under." - The Beach Trees by Karen White

Death and loss do have that effect in my experience.  Subtle memories that creep up on you like tiny waves on the shore tickling your feet, then the pain of it all overtakes you from the inside out. Like a huge wave crashing over you and holding you under the water.  Whenever, there is loss there is gain.  Sometimes when you find yourself lost, you find yourself found.

The Beach Trees by Karen White was such a compelling story.  I have four little ones, so reading a book takes me weeks, usually.  This book took me a couple days.  I really couldn’t put it down.  Karen White takes you into her story.  You can’t help yourself; you need to know what’s written on the next page. 

The stories of Julie and Aimee are given in small chapters through out the book.  Each story is beautifully written, emotional, and gives you little clues and insights into solving the mystery that’s puzzling all of them.  As you read chapter after chapter the characters seem to just leap off the page, and you become completely intertwined in their lives.  You’ll want to read more, long after the last page has been turned.  I know I am!

The story ofNew Orleans, the bits of history woven in are fantastic.  Really gives you a glimpse of what a native to New Orleans would feel after suffering such loss.  It helps you to put yourself there. Would you rebuild after such catastrophe?  And not just one time, but over and over? The history adds such richness to the story.

I highly recommend picking up this book! 


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