The Magic of Glass

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As I read Kim Edwards The Lake of Dreams I was intrigued by Keegan's character in general, but especially his profession in glass working. I've always thought that stained glass and glass sculptures were fascinating.

I passed the cupboard full of vestments and stopped as I turned the corner, taken aback by the size and beauty of the stained-glass window. It was hanging against a large clear window overlooking the lake, so the mosaic of leaded glass was flooded with light, and colors slanted down from it, falling on my arms and all across my body to the floor. p. 78

I don't remember a lot about attending church as a child (aside from a mutual dislike of my Sunday school teacher), but I remember the stained glass. When we were in Paris something I absolutely had to see was La Sainte-Chapelle. It was breathtaking. I could have stayed there all day.

stained glass rose sainte-chapelle

Credit: Dimitry B

I've been lucky enough to see some of Dale Chihuly's work in a gallery. Some day I want to go to one of Simon Pearce's Vermont locations and see them at working creating one of those beautiful glass pieces. (And maybe take home one myself.) I don't know what it is about glass that so impresses me so much. Perhaps it's that it is so delicate and I am so clumsy. Perhaps it's because it seems like creation of a piece of glass almost requires magic.

Do you like glass? Did you like how stained glass was worked into The Lake of Dreams?

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