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Have you ever wished that there was a magic pill you could take that would just make everything better? A pill to make you happy? A pill that would nourish you so that you didn't have to eat? Those pills exist in Ally Condie's Matched and they aren't all they are cracked up to be.

"Back in my bedroom, I shake the tablets out of the little hollow at the base of the compact. Then I count -- one, two, three; blue, green, red -- as I slide the tablets back into their usual metal cylinder.

I know that blue and green tablets do. I don't know anyone who knows for certain what the red tablet does. There have been rumors about it for years."
Page 22

I find the fact that the Society uses pills to control the population fascinating. It's just the sort of thing that I'd expect an all-controlling dystopian government to do. I found myself attempting to think of all the reasons for the pills, but also why some people, such as Cassia's grandfather, resisted them. Cassia has never taken one of the anti-anxiety pills and her grandfather approved of that. It made me wonder if maybe they were more than just anti-anxiety pills. Did they do more than relax you? If you started taking them, would you want to take them more even though you were limited to one per week?

red blue green pills

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And the survival pills! Everyone is so strictly scheduled by the Society that I had to wonder in what circumstance the people would possibly need them. I understand that this new world was built up after a catastrophic event and they were trying to safeguard against it happening again. But if it did, wouldn't all the Citizens benefit from having more than just one of those pills? Shouldn't they have a stockpile?

As for the red pill... well, I don't want to say what it does (shhh!!! spoiler!!!) but I will say that its function didn't surprise me at all. It made me wonder how many times the Society had used them. And if, given the political situation, were they using them more now than they had in the past?

What did you think of the pills? If you could create a magic pill what would it do?

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