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After a breakup, particularly one you did not initiate, your self confidence can take a bit of a beating. During this time my friends and I frequently turned to the magical healing powers of a post-breakup makeover. We would change our hair or buy a new outfit and they became our new armour against the hurt. When it seems that her and Gideon's relationship is over in Sylvia Day's Reflected in You, Eva takes some solace in shaping a new look.

"I want everything done," I said decisively. "I want a new haircut. Something short and flirty and chic. I want my nails painted fire engine red -- fingers and toes. I want to be a new Eva."

Cary's brows rose. "Nails, yes. Hair, maybe. You shouldn't make sweeping decisions when you're fucked over by a guy. They come back to haunt you."

My chin lifted. "I'm doing it, Cary Taylor. You can either help or just shut up and watch." Page 292

Now, I'm not going to say that Cary didn't have a point. There are things perhaps you shouldn't do when you in post-breakup mode. I think I'd draw the line at anything permanent. Hair? Sure. Nails? Sure. Piecings? Sure. Tattoo? Ermm... maybe just sit on that one for six months to a year, m'kay?

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I've done all of the things above, except the tattoo. I got my first and only ever set of professionally applied fake nails. They were totally fun at the time but also not for me because I'm too lazy to go for fill that often. Plus they made contact lens removal a bit tricky. I've chopped off my hair more than a time or two, but usually not more than a few inches. I did, once, chop it all off. It wasn't quite a pixie style but it was pixie short. I discovered that while many people can pull of a totally awesome short cut I am apparently not one of them, which is to say it did not flatter me at all. I also discovered that one of the big hidden benefits of long hair is that you can totally slack off and not go to the hair salon for a very long time. That's was way harder for me to do with short hair. I loved my piercings but they didn't last long because I discovered I get keloids.

I know that the above make it sounds like those makeovers weren't a good thing for me but oh, how they rocked in the moment. They made me in control of my own person and during a breakup I long to control anything. In the moment, every single one of those things gave me a boost in confidence. The hair stylist tried to talk me out of cutting my hair but I stuck to my guns. It was my hair. If she didn't want to cut it I would cut it myself. Yes, we really had that conversation. My fake red nails (I always go red in a salon) gave me a bit of a boost every time I looked at my hands, which was frequently since I was a cashier in a bookstore. Lots of things may have been going wrong but dang it, my hands were pretty.

When all else failed there was always hair dye. I've yet to meet hair dye I didn't like. The staff at Sephora's always been especially helpful at assisting me spend my money on a new look as well.

I totally understood Eva's need to create a new Eva. I didn't always understand the choices she made or the actions she took, but I was completely with her on this one.

Do you ever feel the need to reinvent your look? What do you do when you need a bit of a personal appearance pick-me-up?

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