Is Marriage Obsolete?

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In Jeffrey Zaslow's The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters, he talks about a lot of different aspects of marriage. Why people marry. What people think of marriage. He peppers the book with statistics. One I was surprised he brought up was the idea that some people believe marriage is becoming obsolete.

"Marriage is just "not as necessary as it used to be," a 2010 Pew Research study concluded. The study found that 39 percent of survey respondents believe that marriage is "becoming obsolete": that's up from 29 percent who felt that way in 1979." p.23

Marriage wasn't a top priority for me. It wasn't a life goal, something that I felt I must do. It was, in no small part, due the fact that I certainly hadn't dated anyone to whom marriage was an option. (Ditto re: children.) I didn't think marriage was obsolete but at that time, marriage wasn't the right option for me. Even when my husband and I got together marriage wasn't exactly a priority. Until one day it was and as I mentioned, we got married ten days later with little fuss. We took a day off work, went to City Hall, went out for dinner and were back at work the next day.

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I read a lot of historical fiction, history books and memoirs and I don't think marriage is becoming obsolete but I believe its role in society has changed. In our society marriage is not the same today as it was in the 1800s. Or during World War II. And it's not going to be exactly the same as it is right now in 50 years.

Do you think marriage is becoming obsolete?

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