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One of the things I probably identified the most with in Jen Lancaster's Here I Go Again were the discussions between Lissy and Brian about music. When you are teenager, few things feel bigger than the music you listen to in high school. It becomes the soundtrack for that part of your life, and you carry it with you going forward.

I've never been a particularly good music fan. I'm horrible at remembering the names to songs. I'm equally horrible at being able to tell you any lyrics or hum any of the tunes when a song is not playing. I have an oddly remarkable ability to sing along with the chorus of songs I didn't even know I knew ... assuming they are playing at the time. Basically, I suck at music. It can still transport me to a specific time and place.

I particularly laughed during Lissy and Brian's Nirvana discussions. Nirvana always reminds me of the time my friend's parents went away for two weeks. Their dining room table was (temporarily) moved to the barn and replaced with a drum set. (I am clearly with Brian on Nirvana.) It was one of my first parties, and well, it clearly made an impression. Other songs remind me hot summer nights, driving on country roads with my friend after our late shift at the local fast food restaurant. Nirvana filtered its way through my high school years, even though Cobain had killed himself before the end of my sophomore year.

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I've tried to think of one quintessential song that would sum up high school for me. I can't. They blend and merge. One song streams into the other. I can't think of one without thinking of another and another. There is no one song, there is only a soundtrack.

Which songs transport you back to your teen years?

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