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Recent Comments on Book Club

The Beach Trees

Seeing the Gulf Coast With New Eyes in The Beach Trees

The Beach Trees by Karen White? I could not put it down. Julie has always been on a journey most of her life. She has been searching for her missing sister, Chelsea, who disappeared suddenly. While helping detectives look for clues concerning her sister or other missing girls alike, her best friend, Monica, passes away leaving guardianship of her five year old son. It’s a lot to handle. Now that she is responsible for this little boy she is now on the path of self discovery and uncovering old family secrets.  Read more >

I Want To See The Beach Trees

I have a confession. I judge a book by it's cover.  Always. (Gasp!  Go ahead and lecture me on how I should never do that.)  Karen White's book, The Beach Trees, didn't get special treatment.  I totally judged.  First impression... totally drew me in.  Gorgeous.  Clear blue sky.  Sandy beach.  Ocean as far as the eye can see.  I wanted to dive right in.   Read more >

Rebuilding on Sand? I Don't Think So: The Beach Trees

I really tried to like The Beach Trees, Karen White's novel of love and loss. Really, I tried. But, in the end, I found myself racing through the pages, hurrying to finish. Not hurrying to discover the deep mystery at the center of the story, just hurrying to be done with the book.  Read more >

The Beach Trees: Renewal and Life after Devastation

We meet Julie, the protagonist, of Karen White's novel, The Beach Trees in September of 2010. She is headed to New Orleans with 5-year-old Beau, the child of Monica who has recently died and named her guardian. Julie is the first of several characters whose lives intertwine and are “searching for what they [have] lost, searching for their place in this world.”  Read more >

The Beach Trees: A Lesson in Post-Katrina Gulf Coast Culture

Culture shock doesn't always require a passport, proven in Karen White's latest book, The Beach Trees. There's no other way to describe Julie Holt's initial reaction to everything she experiences on her first trip to the Gulf Coast, visiting the hurricane-ravaged landscape and heartbroken family her best friend, Monica left behind but described in detail, both with words and paintings, until her untimely death.  Read more >

I Was Riveted By The Beach Trees

Some of my favorite stories are the ones where the very location is integral to the story itself -- in essence it becomes another character.  The big literary talk around my area right now is The Help.  It was written several years ago and the movie version is being released in a couple of weeks.  So much of the appeal for my friends is in knowing the area, (and in some cases the people), where the story takes place.  Each street and store evokes ideas and memories that are as different as the individual readers.  This is exactly what Karen White has done in her newest novel, The Beach Trees .  Read more >

Murder, Suspense, and Hot Romance in The Beach Trees

Murder, suspense, intrigue, forbidden love, romance -- The Beach Trees by Karen White has it all! The Beach Trees  Read more >

Finding Home in The Beach Trees

I've been waiting lately, for another book that I just couldn't put down. One of my early book club reviews was one of those books, but since then, I've been hoping to get another. It finally arrived, with The Beach Trees by Karen White. After reading the summary of the book, I tucked it into my bag for a 3 hour flight, settled in on the plane and read, and read, and read.  Read more >

The Beach Trees: "All Truths Rise to the Surface Eventually"

If I had to describe Karen White's The Beach Trees in two words, those words would be "surviving loss." In these pages you'll find one heirloom painting, one murder mystery, three missing women, and a whole lot of truths nobody wants to face.  Read more >

The Beach Trees: Triumph Over Tragedy

Julie Holt knows tragedy. When she was twelve, instead of staying with her sister outside, she chose to go inside and watch TV. When she went back outside, her sister was gone. In the blink of an eye, her life changed forever. So begins The Beach Trees, by Karen White.  Read more >