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The Beach Trees

My Summer Read: The Beach Trees

Imagine suddenly being left as the sole caregiver to your best friend's five year old child. Imagine that you've also been left her portion of a summer home on the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast. Imagine travelling to the deep south from New York City to find that the summer home had been completely destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.  Read more >

The Beach Trees: The Real Magic Was In Aimee's Storyline

What are you seeking? What is your life about? How do your secrets affect your story? Those are the main questions that the characters struggle with throughout The Beach Trees. An artist living in New York, Julie Holt has dedicated her life to searching for her sister Chelsea, who disappeared with Julie was just twelve. While working at an auction house, Julie becomes friends with Monica Guidry. Turns out that Monica has a past full of secrets -- none of which Julie is aware of until Monica passes away from a {secret} heart condition. Unbeknownst to her, Monica has willed Julie a valuable painting, and also her five year old son, Beau.  Read more >

The Beach Trees has Something for Everyone

The Beach Trees by Karen White is a book that has a little bit of everything. There are some elements of mystery, romance, suspense, historical fiction, and literary fiction. This would truly be a great book for book clubs of all sorts. The included discussion guide gives great starter questions for those groups and highlights each of the different genres this book hits.  Read more >

Past and Present Collide in The Beach Trees

I know I really like a book when I am thinking about who I would recommended it to and I haven't even finished yet. And I could think of many people to whom I would recommend Karen White's The Beach Trees. It is a dark mystery of the southern variety. It is also an exploration of the human spirit after tragedies both personal and global.  Read more >

The Beach Trees: A Story of Mystery and Healing

In Karen White's novel The Beach Trees, life has become complicated for Julie, a young woman who avoids putting down roots. Her friend Monica Guidry has recently died, and Julie is now the guardian of Monica’s young son, Beau. Julie’s heart is still broken from the disappearance of her little sister Chelsea -- a tragedy which occurred when Julie was twelve years old.  Read more >

The Beach Trees and the Meaning of Home

When Julie Holt was only twelve years old the unimaginable happens. While watching her younger sister, her sister disappears without a trace. Karen White examines the after effects of tragedy with her protagonist Julie. After her sister’s disappearance her mother devotes her life to finding her, while her father and brother move on. When her mother dies Julie takes over where her mother left off… never allowing herself to feel rooted in one place, because she knows everything can change in a heartbeat.  Read more >

Bring The Beach Trees to the Beach

When I see the words "beach" and "dying friend," my mind automatically goes to Bette Midler and "Wind Beneath My Wings." So I nearly passed up The Beach Trees by Karen White. I'm glad I didn't because this book is something completely different.  Read more >

I Can't Wait Until My Friends Read The Beach Trees!

As a life-long resident of the Gulf Coast I was drawn to The Beach Trees as soon as I read the synopsis. Admittedly I was a little worried that author Karen White would be able to capture the spirit of the people that live here, but she did a great job capturing the defiance and resilience of the people that choose this area to make a home.  Read more >

The Beach Trees is the Perfect Summer Read

There hasn’t been a book in a long time that makes me want to stay awake until 3 am in order to finish it. The Beach Trees by Karen White did just that. By looking at the cover, I expected a light read that I could enjoy at the pool or beach and could leave in my beach bag until the next time. However, The Beach Trees was a book I couldn’t put down and finished in two days.  Read more >