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Recent Comments on Book Club

Faithful Place

How Faithful Place Got Me Through a 10 Hour Car Ride (Spoilers)

I have to start off by saying Tana French's Faithful Place wasn't just a one mystery book, or even two. It was three or four or maybe five small mysteries written into one book with a love story mixed in and a dash of family hilarity. I laughed so much reading about Frank's family.  Read more >

We Could All Use A Little Faithful Place

"Back in 1985, Frank Mackey was a nineteen year old kid with a dream of escaping his family's cramped flat on Faithful Place and running away to London with his girl, Rosie Daly," begins the back cover of Faithful Place by Tana French. The book itself starts out twenty-two years later as Frank is called back to his old neighborhood for the first time by his sister to deal with an emergency.  Read more >

Faithful Place: And You Thought Your Family Had Problems

In researching Tana French, author of the thriller, Faithful Place, I learned she is an Irish author and actress of the theatre. After finishing the book, her third novel, her acting background becomes apparent, because French obviously loves the drama.  Read more >

Faithful Place Creates A Familiar World You Don’t Want to Live In

Tana French's Faithful Place creates a world as real and familiar as the one you grew up in, but as horrific as the stories you thought could only happen “on the other side of the tracks”. She manages to make her beautiful characters so uniquely layered and multifaceted that there is no choice but to relate to them.  Read more >

Faithful Place: A Place of Indifference

You know those times your channel surfing, and you come across an episode of Law & Order: SVU that you’ve already seen a handful of times. You already know which guest star will make an appearance after the next commercial break. You sort of remember the tension between Olivia and Elliot [which you no doubt LOVE]. And even though you can’t exactly remember how and why, you already know who is to blame for the especially heinous offenses.  Read more >

Divided Loyalties In Faithful Place

Faithful Place by Tana French is a gripping story of a Dublin police detective and the love of his life who went missing 22 years earlier. Filled with family tensions, love lost and all the turbulent emotions of growing up in a broken family, this book is both a fascinating mystery and an intense exploration of human existence.  Read more >

Layers of Intrigue in Tana French's Faithful Place

Mystery, murder, love, intrigue, and dysfunctional families. Tana French's Faithful Place has them all. Frank Mackey, undercover detective from Dublin, has been long gone from his old neighborhood, Faithful Place, and essentially estranged from his family for years, when suddenly he is jolted back to the home of his youth -- a place he’d rather forget, it seems.  Read more >

A Vivid Visit to Faithful Place

Sure, on the face of it, Tana French's Faithful Place is a crime novel, mystery novel, thriller… whatever your preferred term. There is a death that starts things rolling (although it is an old murder) and there is a murder that follows that in present time, as a direct consequence of the ongoing investigation.  Read more >

Faithful Place is a Page Turner!

Faithful Place by Tana French tells the story of a 20 year old mystery of a missing girl Rosie who was thought to have run away, leaving her lover Frank standing roadside waiting all night for her. Faithful Place is also the name of the street in Ireland where Frank and Rosie grew up.  Read more >

Faithful Place: A Heart Pelting Mystery (Spoilers)

let's be honest, who doesn't love a good love story with a little mystery thrown in?  sign me up.but as i delved deeper into faithful place by tana french, i was glad i was reading this book and not a character in this novel.  i was also thinking, "wow my family is AWESOME! and so NORMAL!"  Read more >