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Recent Comments on Book Club

Faithful Place

Faithful Place Digs its Claws Into You

Life holds few pleasures that rival that of a new Tana French novel. I gleefully anticipate these absolute gems for months before their arrival. Once they're released and in my hands, I try my best to savor them like a delicacy, allowing myself a few pages at a time.  Read more >

Faithful Place and Faux Reality

Before Faithful Place, I hadn't heard of Tana French. Now I have two of her other mystery books on my coffee table and I'm anxious to read them.  Read more >

Welcome Home, Frank Mackey

"Things around here were more like they used to be than they ever had been." — from Faithful Place by Tana French  Read more >

Mysterious Dysfunction in Faithful Place

I grew up in a big family. As the youngest of four kids born in the span of five years, my parents certainly had their hands full. Like most families, we had our moments of dysfunction. However, on the whole, I grew up in a wonderfully loving, caring, and stable home.Frank Mackey, the main character in Tana French's Faithful Place wasn’t so lucky.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Where Noir Meets Literature

I was almost worried -- in a mildly alarming and probably irrational way -- that maybe I'd forgotten how to read fiction. But as I started reading Tana French's Faithful Place, I slipped into the story with such ease it felt almost like I was one of her characters, watching lives unravel through lace curtains.  Read more >

Like a Glass of Fine Wine, I Savored Faithful Place

From the moment I started reading, I was there, standing in the middle of the street of Faithful Place, watching this story unfold. And I was hooked. Like a play-by-play synopsis from an episode of Criminal Minds, this story of murder and love and family drew me in, took me through the seasons of each new chapter and left me literally sitting on the edge of my seat. Each chapter filled with the eerie details, bits of humor and sarcasm sweetly tucked between pages.  Read more >

Tragedy Makes You Ache in Faithful Place

Some things twist your heart like a baby drowning in a shallow well. Some things wrench your gut like an innocent abused boy who turns into an abuser himself. Some things do both and simultaneously raise a salt-shredded deep and painful ache in the soft tissues of your throat: even if you never let it subside in the gulps and sobs, you know it is there.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Mystery and Intrigue!

Faithful Place by Tana French is a book full of 'hindsight'.  All it took was the first sentence of the prologue to hook me in;  "In all your life, only a few moments matter.  Mostly you never get a good look at them except in hindsight, long after they've zipped past you...".    Read more >

Law & Order: Faithful Place

Tana French's Faithful Place is totally not the sort of book I normally read. Like, at all. I tend to favour books with young women angsting over cute boys, maybe with a shoe or a purse on the cover. But, my mother and my boyfriend really loved French’s first book (In the Woods), so I gave this one a go.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Recommended for Murder Mystery Fans!

Frank Mackey has his hands full or murder, mystery, and a dysfunctional family to deal with inTana French's third novel Faithful Place. Frank, an Irish undercover cop is forced to return to his rough, working-class neighborhood to uncover who killed his first love.  Read more >