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Recent Comments on Book Club

Faithful Place

Family Takes Center Stage in Faithful Place

Last year, I read Tana French's debut novel In the Woods. I was gripped by the story, the many dimensions to each character, and French’s ability to make the reader question the motives and past of every character introduced into the story, including the untrustworthy narrator. Despite how thoroughly I enjoyed the reading process, I finished the book on a note of disappointment.  Read more >

Faithful Place Is a Faithful Mystery That Won't Let You Down

In this day and age when nearly every plot has been written about or filmed, there isn’t much that takes us by surprise. But Tana French, in her book Faithful Place writes a story that not only draws you in from the very beginning but leaves you guessing “whodunit” until she decides to actually let you in on the secret.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Shared Memories and Broken Dreams

There's no place like home -- especially if that home is Faithful Place. Tana French's detective murder mystery takes the protagonist, Frank Mackey, back to his roots in a poor, working class neighborhood outside of Dublin, Ireland.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Only A Few Moments Matter

From the very first paragraph of Faithful Place by Tana French, I was grabbed and pulled in and didn't want to put it down. Frank and Rosie were young, and in love, and just about to set out on their way to England to find a new life for themselves, when something went wrong.  Read more >

Searching for Answers in Faithful Place

Narrated by Frank Mackey, Faithful Place by Tana French is set in Dublin, Ireland. It follows Frank as he ventures back into his old life in Dublin where his family is, whom he has not seen in over 20 years since he abruptly left Dublin hoping to get away from his old life and start over.  Read more >

Tana French Does Mystery Right!

It was a joy reading Faithful Place by Tana French; I really like this author's writing style. It kind of reads like a good episode of Law & Order but where you know more about the characters, and the descriptions of the characters suck you in.  Read more >

A Different Viewpoint in Faithful Place

I love mysteries. I love drama. Tana French'sFaithful Place is filled with both. I can count on one hand (maybe one finger) the number of novels I have read written from the male perspective. So when I realized the main character was a man, it surprised me but seemed appropriate and natural.  Read more >

Feeling the Cold Breeze on Faithful Place

Take a broken-hearted man with a tendency to drink,  push him into a marriage with a woman he does not love, give him five children to support and a shortage of work, and you have a recipe for disaster that has the potential to damage many generations to come. Not only is this flawed family the center of Tana French's Dublin murder squad novel, Faithful Place, but so is their neighborhood, a bleak lower class street in Dublin, Ireland.  Read more >

Every Family Has Secrets

While reading the explosive novel, Faithful Place, by Tana French, I was struck with a very deep and profound thought: Every family has secrets. Every family has issues.  Read more >

Tana French's Faithful Place Has It All

I started reading Faithful Place a few minutes after it was delivered. After reading the prologue, I was hooked. Whether you like a love story, mystery, who-done-it, drama, and even a bit of comedy; this book has it all. I took this book with me everywhere and read it every chance I got.  Read more >