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Recent Comments on Book Club

Faithful Place

Faithful Place: Mystery, Murder, Drama and Family

The majority of the story Faithful Place by Tana French is set in a lower-class neighborhood of Dublin and spans back and forth approximately 22 years in the life of the main character, undercover detective Frank Mackey’s. The storyline centers around a mystery/murder that occurred when Frank (at age 19) and his girlfriend Rosie plan to escape their families and stations in life to pursue a better one.  Read more >

Tana French's Masterful Character Development in Faithful Place

After only two pages, I knew Frank Mackey was a man with a story to tell and he was the type of man who would prefer to tell it in the dark, smoky and storied pubs of Dublin I dream of visiting one day.  If he deemed you worthy of hearing it at all.  Read more >

Faithful Place: How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Family?

While my go to genre of a book is usually not mystery, within the first chapter of Faithful Place, byTana French, I was hooked. I finished this 400 page book in two days. Having three children home for the summer was a pretty big accomplishment but I wanted to keep reading.  Read more >

Faithful Place: What if You Were Wrong?

What if you found out that a specific moment in your life didn’t really occur the way you thought it did? What if you played out that moment in your mind for the past 22 years and realized that the truth of what you thought you saw and heard was not what actually happened?  Read more >

Living on Faithful Place can be Murder

In Tana French's novel Faithful Place the reader is immediately immersed into the lives of the Mackey family, where drunkenness, abuse, and the cliched life struggles of a poor Irish family.  Read more >

And You Thought YOU Had Family Issues

Thank you, Tana French. I love carrying a book that I can recommend, especially when my favorite Greek restaurant owner asks if she'll be happy taking it along while she drops her sophomore off at school. "She won't need me; will this keep me from boredom?" Oh,yes it will.Faithful Place is so much more than a mystery, than a family drama, than a divorce tale.  So very much more.  Read more >

Faithful Place: Not Your Average Murder Mystery

Author Tana French hooked me with the opening paragraph of Faithful Place; her wistful and mysterious prose throughout the book kept me turning pages at a pace I haven’t maintained in decades. “In all your life, only a few minutes matter.”  Read more >

Tana French Has a New Fan

Tana French sets her latest mystery novel, Faithful Place, in some less-than-desirable areas of modern Dublin, and yet, somehow, reading the book made me want to pack up and move there immediately. When I finished the book and contemplated this, I realized that it was one of the many reasons that I thought this book was simply fantastic.  Read more >

Faithful Place is Full of Twists and Turns

Teenage first love, murder, sibling rivalry, references to 80s rock and before-he-was-crazy Mel Gibson all clinched it for me when unfolding the thick and intriguing plot of Faithful Place by Tana French. Sure, it took me about 50-pages to get into the swing of things, but once I got there, I was hooked for the long haul.  Read more >