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Recent Comments on Book Club

A Good Hard Look

A Good Hard Look Makes Me Want to Look Away

I'm not entirely sure that I was reading the same book as the rest of the BlogHer Book Club. All of the reviews I've read so far on BlogHer about Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look are full of praise and accolades for a well-crafted novel that sticks with the reader long past the last page.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: I Think That Says It All (SPOILERS!)

There is so much to take from Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look. As someone who hasn’t finished an entire book since college, I’m surprised to be saying that this book was of the “can’t put down” variety. Between the incredibly beautiful language, the captivating plot, and the larger implications, my mind was fully satiated by this novel.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Is Hard to Get In To

It's probably a good idea to bone up on the life and times of Flannery O'Connor before you dive into Ann Napolitano's latest novel, A Good Hard Look. As a fan of Flannery's work, but pretty clueless about her life, I struggled with the timing and pace of this novel set in the last few years of the great Southern writer's life.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look at Human Flaws

I never much cared for Flannery O'Connor's work, in spite of being generally enamored of literature. In fact, southern fiction as a genre has never really been my thing, and so I thought perhaps Ann Napolitano's latest book, A Good Hard Look, might provide me with some insight into the life and times of Ms. O'Connor.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Is Beautifully-Written, Insightful and Hard to Forget

From the beginning, I knew Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look was going to be a love it or hate it book for me. Set in Flannery O’Connor’s hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia, the novel explores the lives of both the town’s populace and its most infamous resident.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: On Their Way to a Happy Ending?

All these people whose stories I’ve read and minds I’ve entered and pains I’ve felt -- just because their tales ended for me doesn’t mean they’ve ended.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: A Rippling Tragedy

Flannery O'Connor was not kind to the characters she created for her stories; they were deeply flawed, and in need of redemption. Ann Napolitano does not spare Flannery of those characteristics in her own novel, A Good Hard Look.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: On Their Way to a Happy Ending

As a blogger, I found myself wondering throughout A Good Hard Look what kind of blogger Flannery O'Connor would have been, if weblogs existed in her time and she chose to start one...  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Sucked Me In

How in the world did I make it through a four year Literature degree without reading any of Flannery O’Conner’s work? I mean, I had heard of her but was never assigned her material. I am so glad that Ann Napolitano has introduced me to such an amazing writer through her novel, A Good Hard Look.  Read more >