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A Good Hard Look

Four Reasons Why I Fell Head Over Heels in Love with A Good Hard Look

Maybe I’m over critical, stingy, or a bit too much of a perfectionist, but the fact is I don’t give many 5-star, two thumbs up, double A+ reviews. But there was something about Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look which brought it to the top of my favorite reads list within moments of my first cracking the spine.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: Not the Pageturner I Was Seeking (Spoilers!)

“I’m sure you didn’t consider this," she said, "but it’s possible that the characters are closer to grace at the end of the stories. Grace changes a person, you know. And change is painful”.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: Tearing Down the Facades

I began reading Ann Napolitano's A Good Hard Look and quickly settled in, expecting an easy summer read. Set in the south, I had my mind prepared to relax in the quaint town of Milledgeville, Georgia. And as the story starts with a wedding, I had high hopes for a story of love and romance. But things quickly changed in Milledgeville, and I realized this was not going to be quite the easy journey I had planned.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look: A Journey into the Past

I have to admit that I began A Good Hard Look having no idea who Flannery O'Connor was. But Ann Napolitano does a remarkable job of bringing this real life woman to the forefront of her novel. The author cleverly creates a small town world full of complex characters. You're immediately drawn to dive deep and learn about their lives.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Brings Flannery O'Connor to Life

There is always the eternal, cliché statement that everyone seems to face when the “going gets tough.” Never run from your problems. They will follow you anywhere. This statement seems to come to alive in Ann Napolitano's new book A Good Hard Look based on the real-life writer Flannery O’Connor.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look

A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano is an extremely good book; I found it hard to put down. You should read it. The End. That is what I'd love to say in this book review, mostly because I found myself to be in the dark as to where the author was going with this book from the very beginning -- and there is a part of me that feels that the author meant her book to be read that way.  Read more >

Small Town Life Shines in A Good Hard Look

In A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano, Cookie Himmel travels back home to Milledgeville, Georgia with her husband-to-be, Melvin Whiteson. In the beginning of the story, they are married and move into a quaint little house. Immediately readers are introduced to a variety of unique characters, but one in particular will stand out.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look - At Life, Loss and Forgiveness

I believe that Ann Napolitano wanted us to think about our lives, and how we choose to live them.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Past People's Facades

I love A Good Hard Look’s cover. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book on its cover, but I did. And I love it. It is the ideal introduction to Ann Napolitano's world of Flannery O’Connor. There are so many similarities between the fully plumbed peacock on the cover of the book and the lives of the book’s characters.  Read more >

A Good Hard Look Deserves a Good Look

A Good Hard Look is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I can tell I’m really “growing up” in terms of the genres of books I enjoy because this character-driven story about the residents of small-town Milledgville, GA is thoroughly enjoyable. Five years ago, I scoffed at anything that wasn’t sci-fi, fantasy or any other genre that involved the unreal.  Read more >