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Recent Comments on Book Club

The Kid

The Kid: The Most Important Book I Will Read All Year

It was a real struggle for me to read Sapphire's The Kid -- not because the writing was bad, not at all, the writing, in fact, is incredible -- but because the subject matter was so hard, so cruel, and so real. It was knowing that it was real -- that some kids really endure this type of abandonment and abuse -- that made me realize this may be the most important book I will read this year.  Read more >

Precious Would Have Been Heartbroken By The Kid

I loved the character Precious from Sapphire's novel Push so I was really excited about a sequel featuring her son.  Read more >

Sapphire's Resilient Child [SPOILERS]

The resilient child has a new avatar in Abdul, the main character in Sapphire's The Kid. Abdul is creating himself without any guidance, starting as we meet him at his mother's funeral,9 years old, his life torn away without much of an explanation.  Read more >

The Kid and a Quest for Redemption

In Sapphire's new novel, The Kid, sequel to Push, we follow the store of Abdul from the day of his mother's funeral. Precious, his mother and the protagonist of Push died of HIV-related complications and her nine-year-old son, who had been the redemption of the first novel, now must seek his own safe storyline. Unfortunately, his path is a horrifying one, filled with physical and sexual abuse and a survivalist mentality that mitigates the morals his mother tried to teach him.  Read more >

The Kid is a Kaleidoscope of Emotion

As readers of Sapphire's previous book Push (basis of the movie Precious)might deduce, The Kid is a very provocative and challenging read, but one that is very worthwhile.  Read more >

Sapphire's The Kid was the Hardest Book I've Ever Read

I have never reviewed a book before. I usually read them, keep them to myself, put them on my bookshelf and be done with it. A few weeks ago I read my very first book for a review -- The Kid, by Sapphire. This book was, by far the most difficult book I have ever had to read. I was supposed to submit this review days ago, but I couldn’t. You see, I read the book, jumped to an instant conclusion and told myself that I COULD NOT review this book.  Read more >

The Kid Challenges Readers

If you’ve seen the movie Precious or read Push by Sapphire you know the extenuating circumstances from which The Kid was born. The kid, aka Abdul, aka JJ, aka Jamal spent the first nine years of his life sheltered.&; Sheltered from the harsh reality of inner city Harlem.  Read more >

The Kid Left Me Stunned and Speechless

Sapphire, author of Push invites readers back into the world of abuse, poverty, and stolen childhood in her newest novel The Kid. We meet Abdul Jones, the son of Precious on the day of his mother's funeral, and from there we follow Abdul through childhood and into adulthood.  Read more >

I Couldn't Find The Point In "The Kid" By Sapphire [SPOILERS]

I remember some of my college literature and art classes, times professors would assign a book or work of some sort that I would swear they wanted us to discuss just to see what we’d manage to say -- not because there was anything grand about it or any particular point but just to see if in our self-important heads we could come up with something. The Kid by Sapphire really reminds me of those days.  Read more >

Be Ready To Be Shocked

I picked up Sapphire's The Kid to read, thinking it would be a quick read because the book is not that thick. I have not read any book by her before so I really had no idea what I was in store for. Boy, with in the first few pages I was pretty shocked. I was not ready to read a book about a boy, who just lost his mother, ends up being lost in the system and have horrible, unspeakable actions happen to him.  Read more >