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Recent Comments on Book Club

The Kid

I Got Lost in What-If Land While Reading The Kid

The Kid by Sapphire was a hard read for me. It took me awhile to make my way through the book, and not for the reasons that might be assumed at first look. My adoption issues got all kinds of mashed up into this reading and I felt a heavy weight of sadness and fear as I read along.  Read more >

Sapphire's The Kid Tags the Heart

Sapphire leaves you breathless, itching and wanting to vacuum her head out. Yet, in reading we are certain there is genius there.  Read more >

The Kid: Where Was Sapphire's Editor?

When I read Push several years ago, I couldn't put it down. I spent an entire afternoon glued to the couch, devouring Precious' story. It was sad, it was hopeful, and it was honest. So I had extremely high hopes for Sapphire's recent follow-up, The Kid. But instead, I found myself very, very disappointed.  Read more >

The Kid: Harrowing and Raw

When I began reading The Kid by Sapphire, I felt as if I'd been grabbed by the throat and thrown into a maelstrom of confusion and fear.  Read more >

The Kid Is a Bleak Portrayal of a Modern Youth

The Kid is not an easy novel by any stretch of the imagination, certainly not a light summer read, nor was it intended to be.  Read more >

The Kid: The Disturbing Tale of an Young Boy's Journey

The Kid is not for the faint of heart. It depicts the heart-wrenching journey of a young boy who loses his mother at the tender age of nine. The boy, known throughout the book as both Abdul and JJ is initially sent to foster care and later to an all boy’s Catholic school. In both situations he encounters violence and sexual abuse.  Read more >

Trying to Muster Sympathy for the Son of Precious

When I was given the chance to review The Kid by Sapphire, the follow-up to Push, I decided to move beyond my comfort zone. The Kid, it turns out, may have been too ambitious a move.  Read more >

The Kid - Difficult to Read and Hard to Finish

Unless you are living under a rock you are familiar with Sapphire's first book, Push that became the movie Precious a couple years ago. Sapphire’s newest book The Kid is a sequel that provides us with an inside look into the mind of the Precious’ child after she dies.  Read more >

The Kid: When No One Pushes

My thoughts about this book, The Kid by Sapphire, are nearly as jumbled as the story itself. I’m torn as to whether this is a book I would never ask someone else to read or if it’s one we should all read in order to realize what small kindnesses can do in this world. This book made me think about my friends who volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, my friends who foster kids and friends who adopt.  Read more >

A Disturbing and Confusing Picture of One Kid's Life

Going into The Kid by Sapphire, I knew the novel was more than likely going to deal with subject matter that would be difficult for anyone, especially a mother, to have to read. It’s for that very reason I waited to see Precious until it came on Netflix.  Read more >