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Recent Comments on Book Club

The Kid

The Kid -- A Very Hard Read

The Kid by Sapphire was one of the hardest books I've ever read. Hard to stomach, hard to make sense of (which effect was deliberately created by the author in a very effective way) and hard simply to read some of the dialects she's written entire segments of the story in (which wasn't as effective in the storytelling). Would I recommend it? Cautiously, to select people -- yes.  Read more >

I Don't Regret Reading the Kid

I am a Caucasian woman, living in the Midwest. I grew up in a small town and currently live in a small town. While I was in college I lived in a big city -- capitol of our state, actually -- but really only ventured off campus to the mall or other suburbs. I’ve always imagined New York City to be a glamorous place, with Broadway shows and fun shopping, elegant restaurants.  Read more >

The Kid Needs a Break

When Precious premiered, I read a lot of reviews or skimmed them. I knew Push was on our shelf but wasn't completely sure I had read it. I knew the subject matter would be tough.  Read more >

The Kid Broke My Heart

I assumed that The Kid by Sapphire would be intense from watching the movie Precious, but I had no idea how intense it would be. This book tells the story of Precious's son Abdul. Early in the book his mother dies and his world begins to fall apart.  Read more >

Between the Covers: Sapphire's The Kid

I can't lie; reading The Kid felt more like a chore than a privilege. Eagerly I had anticipated learning more about the offspring of Precious Jones and while I was not naive enough to think that everything would end with a neatly wrapped bow, I had hoped that the life of Abdul would have some of the hope and inspiration that made his mother's story complete.  Read more >

The Kid: A Character Without a Name (Spoilers)

It's difficult to write a review about a book when the main character doesn't even know his own name.  Read more >

The Kid Rings Authentic But Also Rings False (Spoilers!)

Sapphire does not tiptoe around human complexities and instead she chooses to present characters that magnify the messiness and depth that is part of the human experience. I just wish she would give us some glimpses of cleanup instead of dumping so much of that mess in front of us with relentless abandon.  Read more >

The Dark Side of Human Nature in Sapphire's The Kid

The dark side of human nature awakens in Abdul, rather than him overcoming his past to become someone you can root for...  Read more >

I Had to Force Myself to Read The Kid

Reading The Kid by Sapphire was no easy feat. I lugged this book around with me for two weeks. It went to three Little League baseball games, sat on my desk daily at work, hung out in my car during my weekday commutes, and sat next to my bedside table every night. And yet I could barely bring myself to read it. Why?  Read more >

The Kid: Raw, Gritty, Thought-Provoking Book Club Choice

Raw. Powerful. Gritty. Moving. And because it is so thought-provoking, a great book club choice.Location San Francisco Bay area United States See map: Google Maps  Read more >