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Recent Comments on Book Club

Lunch Wars

What Changes Can You Make To School Lunches?

Amy Kalafa's book, Lunch Wars, isn't just a book about what's wrong with school lunches -- it's about how you can change them. It has checklists and recommendations. It has sample letters and suggestions for how to start a wellness program. It's a guidebook for change. What are you going to do with it?  Read more >

Do We Need More School Lunch Regulations?

When we look at some of them school lunches being served to kids in Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars, sometimes it's easy to think that we need more school lunch regulations. Why are kids being served sugary cereals and donuts for breakfast? Why chocolate milk instead of regular milk? But are more regulations really the answer? It is possible that we actually need less?  Read more >

The $1 School Lunch: Could You Do It?

I am not fond of the word "budget." I've had good ones and bad ones and it always seemed that when I had bad ones the first thing to get cut was the food budget. I thought about food budgeting a lot while reading Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars. I wondered how much it really cost schools to create a school lunch and if they really could make them healthier without increasing their costs.  Read more >

Ketchup is a Vegetable & Other School Lunch Oddities

Every now and then I'll happen upon a comment about ketchup being a vegetable. It's usually sarcastic and I've never really known the origins to the phrase. I can thank Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars for clearing it up for me. It seems that in the 1980s there was a directive put forth by the government that looked at reclassifying ketchup (and relish!) as a vegetable. This would have allowed schools to cut out a serving of actual vegetables from school lunches. Scary, isn't it?  Read more >

Do You Really Know What Your Kids are Eating at School?

While filming Two Angry Moms and writing Lunch Wars Amy Kalafa found many surprising things in school lunches. Some of the caffeinated beverages and fried foods in the school cafeteria were expected, but learning just how much of this junk food was being served at school was surprising. Things like candy being used as a reward in the classroom made her realize that kids were exposed to a lot more junk food than even she thought.  Read more >

Lunch Wars: School Lunches I Have Known

As I read Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars, I keep having flashbacks to school lunches I have loved. Or loathed. It depended on the day, really. It seems to me like a good place to start discussions about Lunch Wars -- the school lunches we have personally known.  Read more >