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Rules of Civility

A Guidebook for Life: Rules of Civility

Doesn't New York just turn you inside out?An innocent question posed by a minor character inAmor Towles' Rules of Civility sets the tone for the entire novel. And for Katey Kontent (pronounced, as she says, like the state of being and not the contents of a book), the answer is a definite yes.  Read more >

I Love New York and Rules of Civility

Reading Rules of Civility by Amor Towles was my last summer hurrah. And a hurrah it was. As soon as the extended flashback took me to New York City in 1936 my thoughts immediately went to Jay Gatsby, and Daisy, and Nick Carraway. A Gatsby-esque novel that is written with beautiful language that you don’t find often.  Read more >

Rules of Civility: A Swanky, Enthralling Read

“If we only fell in love with the people who were perfect for us, he said, then there wouldn’t be so much fuss about love in the first place,” stated Tinker Grey, the charming, handsome man who seemed to have it all in Amor Towles Rules of Civility.  Read more >

1930s New York City Comes Alive in Rules of Civility

Amor Towles' debut novel Rules of Civility is an engaging and yet oddly edgy novel set primarily in the iconic period and place of late 1930s New York City.  Today, that world is less a matter of historical record for most readers and more the stuff of movie or novelistic fantasy -- a world we’ve heard of but never visited ourselves, though perhaps some of our parents or grandparents knew it first-hand.   Read more >

Rules of Civility is a Modern American Classic

I’m not old enough to have read The Great Gatsby or Catcher in the Rye when they were first printed. They were old classics, well deconstructed and mythologized long before I was even born. But reading Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, I felt like this must be what it was like to read The Great Gatsby on it’s first printing. Like you are in the presence of something significant, right before the world notices. Right before everyone wants to devour and dismantle and explain and use this book as a way to reflect on their own lives, or the time period. This book will be the kind of novel that dissertations are written on and tenured professors build their careers around. And with good reason.  Read more >

The Rules of Civility is All That Jazz

Rules of Civility sets the page of New York where the jazz is hopping, the champagne is flowing, and you want to be dancing or under the fella next to you. Amor Towles introduces us into the gritty world of New York society and narrates the story through the eyes of Katey Kontent were she describes the people of her life as a “turn to the kaleidoscope that gave color and passage of my 1938.” It is this changing kaleidoscope of twists, shapes, and colors which makes for a marvelous read.  Read more >

1930s New York City: If You Can Make It There...

Rules of Civility is not just a great story -- it’s a greatly told story.  Read more >

Rules of Civility: The Words Will Woo You

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles has some great, shocking plot twists -- the type that make you gasp, or at the very least, raise your heart rate a bit.  Read more >