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As one might expect in a novel named Matched, there's a whole lot of matching going on in Ally Condie's fictional world. Cassia's meals are a perfect match for her. She gets matched to the job that is the best for her abilities. But the main focus of this novel is on a different kind of matching -- Cassia also gets matched with the guy she'll marry.

"The goal of Matching is twofold: to provide the healthiest possible future citizens for our society and to provide the best chances for interested citizens to experience successful Family Life. It is of the utmost importance to the Society that the Matches be as optimal as possible." Page 44

The matching that happens in Cassia's world completely freaks me out. I am... Well, let's just say that not particularly good at doing what other people expect me to do in many areas of my life. I don't always take the path that people expect me to take. I don't always take the path I expect me to take! I still can't decide if I'm more bothered by the job matching or the relationship matching.

The thought of someone setting me up with a job based on what they think I'd be best suited for? So not my thing. When I was younger my advisors kept trying to push me into STEM fields, which I totally understand. I have a pretty good aptitude for STEM topics and honestly like math. I've kind of dabbled around the edges of STEM fields and worked in high-tech in decided non-technical roles but it was never my passion, which I consider unfortunate because STEM rocks. Just because I may be good at something doesn't mean I want to do it every day.

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As for the relationship matching... Oof! Have you ever been set up with someone was just convinced you'd hit it off? Or perhaps matched via computer or another dating service? Then you know just how horribly those match ups can go. The Society said that they were giving people their best match. It was interesting but at the same time, I believe we all know that things that look good on paper or in a computer program aren't always what they seem in person. I just can't shake the feeling that it would be the blind date that never ends. Not for me, thanks!

How would you feel about being matched?

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