Precious Would Have Been Heartbroken By The Kid

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I loved the character Precious from Sapphire's novel Push so I was really excited about a sequel featuring her son. Unfortunately, The Kid was not the book I was hoping for.

I expected The Kid to contain difficult, heartwrenching, gut twisting scenes. I expected the novel to contain stories of poverty and abuse. Push contained all of those things yet I was able to walk away from the book feeling compassion and inspiration and hope. After finishing The Kid I just felt like I'd read a horror novel -- and a horror novel more frightening and sickening than anything Stephen King could have dreamed up.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good horror novel but I like to know ahead of time that I'm about to read a horror novel. I expected something else from Sapphire -- I expected a better life for Abdul than the one he got. I expected to like Abdul in the same way that I liked Precious. I expected Abdul to overcome the obstacles put in front of him. I'm pretty sure Precious would have expected that, too.

Precious worked so hard to achieve so much -- and this is what happens? I just can't accept that, and that's really why this novel didn't work for me. I could not connect the dots between Push and The Kid. It was like they were two completely unrelated stories and I'd have liked The Kid better had it been a stand alone story -- without any connection to Push at all.

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