The Kid Is Meant to Shock You!

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What would life be like inside the mind of a boy that is mentally and physically abused? The Kid by Sapphire tries to show us just that.

From the very beginning of the book we find ourselves in the mind of Abdul shortly after losing his mother Precious, from the previous book Push. His mind is that of a confused nine year old dealing with loss. It is scattered at times and hard to follow along with. Unfortunately this only gets worse as the book continues.

The Kid continues to tell the "story" of Abdul as he is tossed around between foster care, school for boys and back with family. That said I'm not sure the purpose of this book was to really tell Abdul's story. I think the purpose was to shock the reader with as many disturbing images as possible. The only time the book seems crystal clear is when Abdul is being raped and or/raping someone else. Suddenly, the detail is perfect and spot on. While we don't always know if it is a dream of Abdul's or reality I started to wonder if that even mattered.

After 374 pages I was left with more questions than answers. There are absolutely no resolutions in this book. I didn't need it to end with "and they all lived happily ever after" but to close a book more confused than when you started made the graphic details within seem pointless and absolutely just there to disturb you. I think Sapphire tried too hard to one up the disturbing and haunting story of Precious in Push by creating an over-the-top view into the mind of her son.


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