"The Kid" Spreads His Wings to Fly

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They warned me the book would be hard to read. I jumped right over their disclaimers and clicked “Sign me up!” eagerly. They weren’t kidding either. Sapphire’s The Kid, the sequel to Push (which the film Precious was based on), is a tough story. It’s not that I regret agreeing to review it. It’s just that it took me forever to read. I had to keep putting the book down and coming back to it later.

I told my husband that I think having children has made me more of a prude. It’s harder to read books that describe such violence and watch movies that contain such abuse as The Kid does. It saddens me now as a teacher to read about the innocence of children and the things they are forced to learn too early. And I think what makes The Kid so hard to read is that it’s reality for some children.

As my own kids danced around me all week I picked the book up, read a few pages, and put it down again. Over and over I did this for days. It left me pondering the kids in my classes at school. It left me wanting to run away from this side of life and avoid “those parts of town” for eternity and whenever I got stuck trying to think of a solution to all of the world’s problems I sat there depressed and feeling hopeless.

One day, I talked to my sister about this “difficult” book I was reading and I described to her the thoughts I kept having about the sadness and hopelessness. She shed some elementary school counselor light on the subject telling me, “You just have to be there for these kinds of kids and listen to them and be something good for them even though you know you may be their only encounter with goodness all day. You can’t be the solution but you can help show them real love.” I think ultimately she’s right.

I’m glad I read the book. I would recommend it, too. It may not be a quick, light summer read, but it will make you think. It will make you appreciate your blessings and it will make you happy. Because Abdul’s about to learn how to dance.

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